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Life After Stroke: Self-Care Measures

Life After Stroke: Self-Care Measures

Have you or your loved ones experienced a stroke? For most stroke survivors, the disability which the condition brings has changed their lives. If you are one of the survivors, you might be familiar with the physical, emotional, or cognitive challenges and other range of limitations after a stroke. While it affects people in different ways, there are various ways to manage its effects. One way is by enlisting the help of Private Duty Nursing in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Self-care also measures, as well as the support of a Home Health Aide in Stockbridge, Georgia, can help you develop a plan to care for yourself at home and work.

  • Managing physical effects
    You may have balance or walking problems, numb areas, or weak muscles. Taking your medicines as directed can help you manage your pain and mobility problems. Prevent a contracture by stretching and doing a range of motion exercises. As much as possible, prevent falls through assistive devices or the aid of Home Care Services in Georgia.
  • Managing mental effects
    Paying attention, thinking clearly, or remembering facts will get in the way. Make wise use of calendars and planners, timers, labels, lists, and medicine organizer. Nursing Services include helping you in managing medications and reminding you about intake schedules and dosages.
  • Managing emotional effects
    While medicines can help you control your emotions, therapy or counseling, support groups, talking to your healthcare provider such as Dignity Senior Care Services, and even simple companionship in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, can help you deal through downtimes and depression.

Allow us to help you recover your abilities with dignity and expertise.

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