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Post-Hospitalization Safety Reminders at Home

Post-Hospitalization Safety Reminders at Home

If you have a loved one who is about to leave the hospital, their recovery can be continued at home. Yet, it is also important to ensure that your home is safe and conducive for their fragile condition. As a provider of Home Care Services in Georgia, let us share these reminders to promote safety at home after a hospital stay.

  • Prioritize Convenience
    Ensure that your loved one finds it convenient to recover at home. If your home is more than one story, relocate your loved one to the lowest level so they need not climb the stairs. Make sure that the things they need are always accessible to them. Their convenience improves speedy recovery.
  • Ask for Help
    Recognize that caring for your loved one post-hospital is not possible to do alone. Don’t hesitate to get help. Ask your family members or friends to check on your loved one when you’re not around. You can also get help from a Home Health Aide in Stockbridge, Georgia to provide professional assistance.
  • Ensure Bathroom Safety
    Before your loved one comes home, make sure that there are safety precautions in place in the bathrooms. Install grab bars. Put non-skid mats. Provide bright lighting. These are simple measures to ensure that when your loved one is using the bathroom, they can be safe from falls.
  • Prevent Falls
    Just like what was mentioned, your recovering family member needs to be protected from falls. Fall incidents can cause further health complications especially if the patient is a senior person. Falls can also result in rehospitalization, which is not good for the patient’s overall wellbeing.

When your loved one on recovery needs Companionship, we can refer you to dependable care professionals to provide this. Help them to continue to heal from their recent hospital stay. Give quality companionship to improve their welfare and wellbeing.

At Dignity Senior Care Services, we help you find the trusted Nursing Services you need for yourself or a loved one. Keep in touch with us if you have inquiries.

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